About us

At INVIXO we are naturally focused and devoted to making, driving and growing the business for our customers.

INVIXO is an international consulting group with main roots in the Enterprise Resource Planning focusing on SAP and Engineering areas – and in Track and Trace and Serialization projects we have found this combination to be extremely useful. We come with many years of experience from both global SAP roll-outs and local engineering project with retrofit of production lines.

All INVIXO employees have a relevant technical background and experience, which empower our people to advise our customers.

All INVIXO senior employees and consultants come with many years of experience in working in the Pharmaceutical industry, and it goes without saying that Quality Assurance and working according to the GAMP5 framework has become part of our DNA.

INVIXO works in an international environment with experience from Quality Assurance projects across the globe. We are therefore able to both adjust to local requirements and advise on best practices.

INVIXO is for several customers a trusted advisor in dedicated areas. We have earned this trust through dedication and hard work, being close to the core tecnology and development, but also from time to time to have the courage and say no

We always truly try to live up the trust which is bestowed upon us.