Intellix and INVIXO announce Strategic Partnership

INVIXO Consulting Group and Intellix are excited to announce a strategic partnership with special focus on solutions for Business Process Automation (BPA), Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

INVIXO has proven to be a partner of choice for most of the biggest enterprises listed in Denmark, with projects dealing with implementation of BPA and Robotics software from SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.

Intellix is on the other hand bringing to this partnership more than 20 years of experience in developing and selling Artificial Intelligence solutions to a huge variety of enterprises in various industries and countries.

“INVIXO has amazing competencies in automating and extending business processes in a lean and agile way covering workflows consuming system and human interactions. Adding this explicit business knowledge to Intellix’ neural network-based expertise nodes – which represent the best experts accumulated knowledge in for example Financial advisory - is simply unique. Customers will be able to operationalize automated processes and in addition capture the tacit knowledge from experts – to retain the knowledge, test the knowledge, and to ensure better advisory”, says Per Schmidt, Intellix CEO.

Peter Kreiner-Sasady, Senior Partner at INVIXO: “When we first met the founder of Intellix, Christian Liisberg – a former head of AI research at Risø – Denmark’s National Research Center he explained the uniqueness of Intellix saying, that instead of describing it as AI – call it IA; Intelligence Automation. We understood immediately the huge potential of bringing INVIXO and Intellix to this partnership”.

Per Schmidt, CEO of Intellix adds: “Senior experts, in most functions across industries uses both the active knowledge as well as the passive knowledge when solving difficult and complex situations. The active knowledge is for most humans over the years transferred to passive knowledge – which we also call tacit knowledge. Experts, as example a doctor will intellectually be able to describe sudden actions with a patience referring to literature. But he/she will over the years gain practical experience – which together with repeatedly use of active knowledge will become tacit knowledge. And it is this exact part of the human intelligence which is so difficult to capture. Intellix AI solutions is second to none in this area, as it is able to capture this knowledge – together with the active and explicit knowledge”.

Intellix recently finished a project with Bankdata providing 1.5 million banking clients with advisory based on Intellix machine learning (AI) standard software. Link to article (in Danish) can be found here:


For further information please contact:

Per Schmidt, Intellix, mobile: +45 40 94 10 40, email:, or

Peter Kreiner-Sasady, INVIXO, mobile: +45 40 30 11 31, email:

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