Pernille Rasmussen joins INVIXO Consulting Group A/S

Pernille Rasmussen joins INVIXO Consulting Group A/S

We are very happy to announce Pernille Rasmussen joining our Business Data Solutions team!

Pernille recently graduated with a master’s degree in physics (geophysics) from University of Copenhagen. She therefore has a native ability to understand and work with data and is already competent within Python and basic SQL.

Pernille has a natural curiosity for learning and a natural mindset for data processing. This combined with a very intuitive nature in terms of communication, will provide a great offset for a true INVIXO.

At INVIXO we have a clear strategy of hiring and expanding our teams with highly skilled employees who possess a team mindset, and Pernille fits perfectly into this, as she is a very forthcoming and team oriented individual.

Therefore, we are delighted to welcome her into the INVIXO family.

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