Innovation Lab

Organizations are challenged with a constant push to adapt and create new solutions for the changing market demands, which makes traditional business model obsolete faster than ever before. To stay competitive in tomorrow’s playing field, innovation and agility are critical success factors.

At INVIXO we understand that being innovative is neither a method nor a strategy, but a fundamental culture. Through our innovation framework, we embrace this culture. For us it means being in constant dialogue with our customers and identifying future industry trends, to address the needs, challenges, opportunities and be able to hold a creative mindset.  These dialogues are e.g. daily collaboration with existing customers, initiatives co-created with customers and partners, as well as collaborations with innovation networks and educational institutions. Truly innovative companies of today are not solely focused on being best at competing but also being best at collaborating.

Innovation provides a competitive advantage. We use our many years of experience within digital transformation, innovation processes and business strategies to help customers build an agile innovation framework. This framework ensures a close collaboration and constant alignment between the company’s business requirements, digitalization strategy and innovation activities.

Innovative methodology

  • We engage in constant dialogue with customers, partners, scientists, experts and other stakeholders
  • We ideate with customers and partners to find innovative solutions to real life challenges
  • We prototype to ensure an agile approach to our solutions
  • We implement thoroughly tested solutions with a well-defined delivery and operational model

The Innovation services

  • Innovation strategies in digital transformation
  • Innovation process planning
  • Ideation workshops
  • Innovation mindset and culture

Please contact Head of Innovation Lab, Mikael Fenger, at email or phone +45 2369 5676 to hear more about our Innovation methodologies and services and how we can support your digital transformation.