Utility Sector

The energy sector has been through a substantial privatization and de-regulation over last 30 years and are now facing the next big disruption - the Energy trilemma. The big challenge - which also is a great opportunity - is the introduction of renewable energy sources, and at the same time ensure Security of supply and reduce the cost of energy. This is a global challenge, not only for players within the utility space, but also large energy consumers that need to adapt to this new reality.

INVIXO Quality Consultants

We at INVIXO Consulting Group have an extensive hands-on experience and knowledge from the industry from some of the major players. We are used to work with the terms and technologies of the industry.

Working in the utility industry – as with other regulated industries – it requires a special mindset, a desire to be structured, detailed, thorough and to deliver excellence always. At INVIXO we come with many years of experience in working in the Utility sector and understand these requirements.

INVIXO works in an international environment with experience from International projects. We are therefore able to both adjust to local requirements and advise on best practices.

Our Quality Consultants objective are to maximize customer satisfaction through:

  • deliver quality consultancy services on time
  • build trust through expertize and commitment
  • effective communication and customer feedback
  • tailored services that meet customers´ expectations

Please contact Senior Partner, Ralph Nedergaard at +45 53 38 99 00 if you need counseling, consultancy or a proposition for your project.