Artificial Intelligence

The current trend of Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation highly emphasizes the utilization of data through IoT, Big Data, Data Mining and Machine Learning to gain new insights and support decision making.

But what about the existing human knowledge?

Decades of valuable experience and expertise lie dormant and underutilized in the employees and other experts. The first step towards Artificial Intelligence is digitalization of human knowledge! We help customers digitalize and exploit the employee’s unique knowledge.

The Intellix solution

We offer an end-to-end AI solution that fully utilizes the expertise of the employees. We provide the opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge of business and science experts and hereby make it accessible to the rest of the organization, customers or other relevant parties.

The solution seamlessly integrates and anchors the powerful existing employee knowledge with all learnings from Data Mining or other sources to move the focus from Big Data to Big Knowledge:

  • Distributed knowledge – make expert knowledge instantly accessible
  • Instant onboarding – any number of rules can be implemented to reduce onboarding from months to days
  • Decisions making – based on several years of seniority, can be accessed instantly by less experienced persons
  • Ensured compliance – with structured processes you will be able to work fast as well as compliant
  • Intelligent automation – inject AI into the business automation journey and let the employees focus on exception cases
  • Transparent AI – experts will be able to follow every step of the way to ensure correct implementation. No black box!

Please contact Head of Artificial Intelligence, Thomas Arnø, at email or phone +45 5389 3112 to hear more about our Artificial intelligence services and how we can support your digital transformation.