SAP Integration Services

A main focus area for INVIXO is SAP Integration.

Our consultants are the best that you’ll find on the Danish market, all senior consultants are certified and have at least five years of dedicated SAP XI, SAP PI or SAP PO experience. We have worked within multiple industries both as external consultants and as employees of customers. Our experience extends beyond SAP integration solution, we have several years of experience with Oracle and Microsoft integration solutions as well.

Especially within governance our consultants have helped several customers to get an overview of their integration landscape, sometimes as a part of migration or consolidation projects from older versions of integration platforms or from one platform to another. One of the key governance challenges for SAP Integration customers is how to structure and maintain documentation in a way that keeps the documentation usable for system architects, supporters, developers and monitoring teams. Governance of your integration platform is key to efficiency both in terms of daily operations and when developing new integrations and enhancing or troubleshooting existing integrations. At INVIXO we understand this need and our vast experience with the same enable us to help you as a customer.

INVIXO has several highy skilled senior integration consultants, therefore our Integration Services span a wide area, including, but not limited to:

INVIXO has consultants with relevant experience to help your projects within:

  • Migration of SAP Integration systems from previous versions or from different platforms
  • Secure SAP integration solutions such as encryption and signing of message payloads for sensitive data
  • Validated integrations including documentation for regulated industries, see also our page about Compliance & Quality Assurance
  • Advanced integration scenarios scenarios with complex routing logic to multiple trading partners
  • Master Data Management integrations
  • Business documents exchange such as EDIFACT and OIOUBL
  • Development of message mappings
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Integration – integration of on-premise ERP applicationsinto cloud solutions.
  • SuccessFactors – HCM in the Cloud

SAP Integration Barometer:

  • Health checks of SAP XI/PI/PO systems
  • SAP Integration Rescue/Firefighting task force
  • Integration strategy development and assessment

The new digital business model:

  • HANA Cloud Platform (HCP)
  • HANA Cloud Integration (HCI)
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • API Management

Please contact Klaus Stenbæk at +45 53 80 67 16 if you need counseling, consultancy or a proposition for your project.