INVIXO at Copenhagen FinTech Week!

INVIXO at Copenhagen FinTech Week!

INVIXO was present at Copenhagen FinTech Week, where we were confirmed in our perception of digital transformations as completely essential and crucial for commercial survival and sustainability. A main theme was the paramount importance of humans in the process of digital transformation – tech changes rely on people, and the business needs technology support, as both start- and endpoint and to guide the journey between the two.

INVIXO was there to present two of our recent products; PigeonX & IntelliX. PigeonX is your solution for easy integration and data exchange between SAP and any FinTech solution you might choose. While IntelliX is the AI based solution to digitalizing your critical expert knowledge and make it available and operational for non-experts. It is already used in banks and insurance companies for automating and optimizing case-handling processes.

The two products represent cornerstones of what INVIXO considers key building blocks in succeeding with digital transformation: System & Data Integration and Digitalized Knowledge Sharing. At INVIXO we are experts in both – and in making any digitalization journey operational by fitting it to your IT landscape and business needs.

If you wish to know more about PigeonX, IntelliX or INVIXO, please get in touch.

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